• STIVE ASIA makes its mark as a one-stop novel ecosystem that offers Art Print On Demand 
  • This feature allows custom-printing of selected artworks onto sustainable and eco-friendly products – which seeks to empower artists, elevates customer experience while driving positive change.
  • Besides having access to thousands of digital assets via the platform, buyers can also edit the selected asset(s) using AI tools, and crowdsource for Intellectual Property (IP) creations from artists.

Kuala Lumpur, March 12, 2024 – Calling all arts, illustration, and eco-friendly product lovers! Get ready for STIVE ASIA, Southeast Asia’s leading creative hub that serves to connect talented artists and individuals who love arts, sustainable goods, and love making a difference through purposeful art. 

Operating under the banner of creativity and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), STIVE ASIA’s novel launch of its Art Print on Demand is unlike any other digital marketplaces out there. Here’s how it works: STIVE ASIA’s selected artists will make available their masterpieces on the platform that allows interested buyers or individuals to select their desired design and even add their own personal elements or touches to the artwork. This can even be custom-printed onto end products like recycled plastic t-shirts, upcycled bags as well as a host of other merchandise including jute bags, phone cases, and leather lanyards. Personalization can be done through STIVE ASIA’s online customization tool, giving customers easy access to freely customize. 

STIVE -Summary

This is not all! The end-products are not just the usual off-the-shelf items. Every merchandise ordered goes towards supporting a good cause and driving positive social change, where proceeds are donated to the international humanitarian NGO, World Vision. 

STIVE ASIA founder Jeff Fan said this project is especially close to his heart as it achieves a 3-in-1 mission of empowering artists, elevating customer experience, paving the way for positive environmental and social impact with income-generating opportunities that support livelihoods. While the products are eco-friendly and sustainable, they are also produced by marginalized local communities based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that conform to ethical production practices while meeting customers’ demand for responsibly-created goods. 

Jeff Fan – Founder, STIVE ASIA

“It makes me happy to also give back to a global cause whereby a percentage from the sales proceeds is channeled towards World Vision, which helps children and families overcome extreme poverty through various programs,” said Fan.

Safe to say, corporate companies, small businesses or even individuals need not look further when sourcing the purchase of meaningful, out-of-the-ordinary, and premium gifts made by underserved artisans – ranging from upcycled cosmetic pouches to tote bags – while carrying custom-print artworks. Additionally, the Art Print On Demand also carries the distinction of being the first-and-only online to offline print-on-demand marketplace that helps artists showcase their artwork  both online and offline. Venues of Art Print on Demand kiosk include Kinokuniya KLCC, Stickerrific Jaya One, Bunkuya at Taiping, Taylor’s University and INTI University. Customers can visit these spaces and experience the physical goods, as well as seek support from the staff on how they can customize their products using the online customization tool. 

A little backgrounder on STIVE ASIA: In 2020, it started out as an all-in-one digital asset marketplace that housed certified and original IPs, then it steadily grew its reputation as the go-to platform for brands, SMEs, or for any collector to purchase creations produced only by original and genuine artists. Beyond locally, it has also made waves in Southeast Asia as the first ecosystem that allows creators or artists to monetize their creations up to 7 types of digital assets under one roof.  

“We are thankful for the growing community of users and creators who believe in STIVE ASIA. It has enabled us to spread our wings further from where we first started out with digital IP, to this Art Print On Demand as our latest offering,” Fan added. Both creators and users can have access to the digital IP marketplace at STIVE ASIA at no cost. For those interested in accessing additional features, the rate card for the different subscription plans for both creators and users are as follows:

1. Artist Membership Subscription, from $15/month

2. Unlimited IP subscription for users, $79/year

Besides sourcing IP from STIVE ASIA, customers can also crowdsource for creations by requesting submissions from artists based on a creative brief and finally select one that fits their budget. The crowdsource project starts from as low as $199.

As a total creative solution platform, STIVE ASIA allows both users and creators to buy and sell Certified Digital IP, design contests for custom projects, and eco-friendly merchandise printed with digital IP. Currently, the platform has registered over 1,000 creators, 50,000 IPs and counting, and an accumulated 100,000 login sessions till date. It also accomplished a milestone of successfully signing Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with six higher educational institutions namely TARUMT, Raffles College, Taylor’s University, INTI University, UCSI, and Nippon Designer School so far. The aim is to introduce the idea of digital IP monetization to over 2,000 arts and design students in these campuses, which can be made simple through STIVE ASIA.

Fan said it is his hope that STIVE ASIA can contribute to the local economy, stimulate digital entrepreneurship and nurture more talents on the creative front in the long run. “My dream is to see the brand take off successfully beyond Malaysian shores, with a wide and incremental uptake throughout Southeast Asia’s creative community and users.”

Art Print On Demand offers products at a starting price of $19 per piece. To learn more about STIVE ASIA’s Art Print on Demand and how you can also celebrate art and champion sustainability and a conscious change for the future, visit

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