Korean Premium Phone Strap ARNO Officially Launches at Singapore’s Shopee

 “Free your hands from the phone with sophistication and convenience.”

 Kuala Lumpur, 26 February 2024 –In March 2024, ARNO, the leading phone strap brand in the Korean market, is officially launching in Singapore. ARNO phone strap has already gained immense popularity among consumers in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan for its unique design and convenience.

ARNO is an innovative product designed to make it convenient to use large and heavy phones by attaching a strap to them. It is not only suitable for everyday activities such as childcare and shopping but also extremely useful for outdoor activities like travel and leisure.

ARNO’s product lineup includes various designs such as the long-length “New Basic”, the short-length “Handy”, the flashy jewel-like “Beads”, and the easy-to-attach “M”. The 25 distinctive design straps are of high quality, sturdy, and stylishly complement any outfit.

In particular, the most popular product from ARNO, “ANY”, is compatible with phones such as iPhone, Galaxy, Oppo, Vivo, regardless of the model, and it fits well with all cases including Casetify.

ARNO is known for leading the industry trends by designing all products in Seoul and conducting strict quality control with a 10-step inspection process. It gained significant popularity in Korea after being worn by the female lead in the Netflix drama, Hyena.

To commemorate the launch, customers can receive discount coupons at Shopee to purchase ARNO products at a more affordable price.

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*ARNO is a brand of Orange Garden Inc.