Malaysian Techlympics 2023 Outreach Program & Techlympics Makerslab Launched at Orang Asli School

Ruziah Shafei- Timb. Ketua Setiausaha (Perancangan dan Pembudayaan Sains), Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi

Kuala Lumpur, 26 JUNE 2023 – Sekolah Kebangsaan Pos Bersih Ulu Slim, Perak among the first 50 venues selected for Malaysia Techlympics 2023 Outreach Programme as well as Techlympics Makerslab at the school.

This program is another initiative under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to bring young people in rural areas such as in indigenous areas closer to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning activities.

The event was officiated by  Ruziah Shafei, Deputy Secretary General (Planning and Cultivation of Science), Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) who hopes that more participation in Malaysia Techlympics will come from rural school students this year. 

In line with Malaysia Madani’s desire to create an inclusive society by emphasizing access to basic needs and quality education, Ruziah said that the outreach program could increase access to STEM teaching and learning (PdP) especially for rural students and give exposure to the local community related to technology that can be used as a basis in future careers. 

Visiting school students with Robot Kancil

This program is also one of the filling elements of the Malaysia Techlympics program to involve training for teachers and rural schools. Malaysia Techlympics 2023 is an initiative of MOSTI in an effort to empower Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) as well as foster the interest of the younger generation in STEM through a more enjoyable approach, cultivating youth with a more meaningful and high-impact mindset, skill set and innovation through the competition concept. 

Group photo, from right; Salina binti Samsudin Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Behrang, Dr. Ruhaya Hassan Timbalan Pengarah, Bahagian Perancangan dan Penyelidikan Dasar, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Ruziah Shafei Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Sektor Perancangan dan Pembudayaan Sains), Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi, Toh Paduka Setia Datuk Ir. Dr. Safry Kamal bin Ahmad Orang Besar Jajahan, Pejabat D.Y.M.M Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Tok Batin Rozi Gaharai Ketua Kampung, Kampung Orang Asli Gesau

Last year, Malaysia Techlympics received a total of 47 entries from the indigenous community and that number is expected to increase through this outreach program, as well as being able to fulfill the theme of Malaysia Techlympics 2023 which is the inclusivity. In addition, MOSTI also gave a donation worth RM60,000 through the ‘Techlympics Makerslab’ which was also launched on the same day to two schools namely SK Pos Bersih and SK Pos Tenau, where the STEM labs in these two schools were given a boost new, equipped with STEM learning materials that students can use for learning purposes such as robots and ‘3D printers’. 

Opening performance from Kelas Dewasa Orang Asli, Penan/Peribumi (KEDAP)

With the support and involvement of Madani Malaysia, the Malaysia Techlympics Outreach program and the sponsorship of the ‘Techlympics Makerslab’ workshop are expected to be able to produce innovative communities starting from a young age regardless of background in an effort to ‘Populate Science and Humanize Technology’. 

Collaborators, students and youth are invited to participate in the Malaysia Techlympics by registering through the website which is now open. For more information as well, all are invited to follow our social page for the latest information,