Reskills EdTech Is First Malaysian Online Education Provider To Be Authorised By The American Accreditation Association (AAA)

This historic development will result in increased learning and career benefits for ReSkills users and online learners globally
ReSkills platform and the company’s accreditation badges.

PETALING JAYA, 15 June 2023 – The quality and viability of online education in Malaysia received a major boost this month, as ReSkills EdTech became the first Malaysian education provider to be accredited by the American Accreditation Association (AAA).

“We are deeply honored to be one of the first providers in Malaysia to be certified by this esteemed program. It is a privilege to have successfully fulfilled the rigorous requirements and standards set forth by them,” said ReSkills CEO Jin Tan.

“This accreditation is a testament to how ReSkills continues to adhere to high-quality standards and best practices, and constantly achieves consistent levels of quality and professionalism within the industry. We hope this new development will prove to be of great benefit to our many users worldwide.”

ReSkills CEO, Jin Tan (left) together with AAA Customer Care Manager, Sara Davis (right) to commemorate the signing of the accreditation document.

The AAA accreditation confirms that ReSkills’ learning courses have reached a high standard of quality, relevance, and rigor. The boost in recognition and credibility it offers will prove beneficial for students, knowledge seekers, and job hunters who use ReSkills as a platform for self-improvement or career enhancement.

This additional accreditation can also prove useful in distinguishing individuals who obtain certificates from ReSkills from their peers, making them more competitive in the job market, enhancing their career prospects and opening doors to new opportunities.

Representatives from the AAA also congratulated ReSkills and wished them all the best for their upcoming endeavors.

CEO of ReSkill, Jin Tan

“I would like to congratulate ReSkills EdTech on achieving accreditation as a training education provider, and for becoming one of our first partners for success in Malaysia. It’s a well-deserved recognition, following your commitment for excellence and outstanding work. We wish you a great experience ahead and a remarkable journey,” said Customer Care Manager of the American Accreditation Association Sara Davis .

ReSkills is a subscription-based online learning platform, giving users access to unlimited top quality daily live learning classes, videos, courses, conferences, and materials. Its buffet-style model allows everyone to “learn all you can” at only US$1/month. Reskills has previously been accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards, Quality License Scheme, and Institute of Training and Occupational Learning programs. 

The AAA is a body recognized internationally by the United States government to provide accreditation worldwide. AAA accreditation programs are based on recognized international standards that ensure competency of its accredited organizations, and global acceptance of its standards.