Herbalogi.ai Announces Release of herbaGPT AI System for Drug Design

Kuala Lumpur, 08 May 2023 – Herbalogi.ai, the leading artificial intelligence-based healthcare solutions provider, has launched herbaGPT, a new AI system optimized for natural-based drug synergistic pairing in treating diseases. Compared to its predecessor, the LPROSE system, which provides recommendations based on keyword searches, herbaGPT is a chat-style AI system that can produce human-like responses to natural language queries. 

The new AI system was unveiled during the annual Virtual Stakeholders Summit organized by Herbalogi.ai where all clients, collaborators, shareholders, and potential investors of the company gathered to discuss the future of AI in healthcare and drug design. It was attended by more than 80 participants from academia, the pharma industry and venture capital funds. 

The company’s CEO, EUR ING Dr Azam, explaining the potential of its new AI system said, “Our new AI system, herbaGPT, is based on the open-source LLaMA 65 billion parameters large language model released from Meta. It was re-trained for drug design application using fine-tuning, few-shot prompting, and instruction tuning. This makes herbaGPT more flexible and versatile in its ability to generate personalized and effective treatment options.”

HerbaGPT is designed to assist chemists and biotech professionals in making more accurate and efficient drug design decisions, taking advantage of the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. 

Herbalogi.ai is dedicated to improving human health and well-being worldwide by developing innovative AI systems like herbaGPT. As an open-source system, it encourages collaboration with healthcare professionals and researchers, making it a valuable tool for improving healthcare outcomes. The launch of herbaGPT marks another step forward in Herbalogi.ai’s mission to provide high-quality healthcare solutions to everyone.

For more information please visit Herbalogi.ai’s website, https://herbalogi.ai/