Gifting Platform Embraces Malaysia’s 1St AI Gifting Curation Tech to Provide Personalised Gift Boxes

Kuala Lumpur, 17 February 2023 – Malaysia’s leading one-stop shop for custom and personalised gift boxes, A Little Thing has officially launched its app-based platform providing curated gift boxes using artificial intelligence (AI) Gifting Curation Technology.

Established in 2020, the app utilises the nation’s first AI Gifting Curation Technology to help users to find the right gift based on individual preferences. The app also aims to get rid of gift-giving anxiety and offers a high efficiency and accurate experience for users. 

A Little Thing has officially launched its app-based platform providing curated gift boxes using AI Gifting Curation Technology.

The site also offers ready-to-ship gift sets nationwide, DIY kits, festive-season gifts, wedding souvenirs, wedding and full moon gift boxes as well as gift curation features.  

The app born a year after the first Movement Control Order (MCO) comes at a time where Malaysia’s market size for the gifting industry is estimated at US$1 trillion to US$3 trillion, while smart device penetration in the country is around 93%.  

The app can be easily accessed via laptop or mobile phone.

“The technology behind A Little Thing is not only driving the brand to a new milestone but also everyone using it. I consider it to be a revolution for the gifting industry in Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region. It makes the gifting experience more efficient and at the same time, reduces gift waste too,” said Lee Ching, Yeo, Founder and Director, A Little Thing. 

“Our goal with A Little Thing is to help people build lasting relationships through specially hand-crafted gifts and by embracing the AI behind the app, we are offering users a more personalised and unique experience.”

Each gift set comes with a warm hand-writing message card

A Little Thing is available nationwide and is looking to expand their service to neighbouring countries in the region.  

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