MYDIN Announces Partnership with Dropee For Improved End-To-End eCommerce Operations

Shoppers can now buy MYDIN products online!

Kuala Lumpur, 7 November 2022 – This month sees the launch of MYDIN’s B2C eCommerce platform ( and mobile app, for the ease of their processes as well as the convenience of customers. This initiative and its technology were powered by Dropee’s eCommerce solution, with the support of their partner, Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU).

The launch of the online platform is in line with MYDIN’s plans to enhance and improve eCommerce operations. As one of the top players in the country’s hypermarket industry, manual systems were no longer suitable for the high-speed stock movement, especially with large daily shipments of goods, and frequent orders from customers through the many stores nationwide. Naturally, MYDIN was determined to make an upgrade., the B2B2C E-Commerce built by Dropee Direct.

Aizat Rahim, Co-Founder of Dropee, explains, “As a B2B eCommerce solution provider, Dropee’s mission is always to improve the processes of selling and buying in Malaysia. With this collaboration, we have set up a one-stop solution for MYDIN operators to use omnichannel integration, to seamlessly facilitate product and price updates on all of their selling channels, from one place.” He says, “As a MYDIN shopper, you can buy products from Malaysia’s largest wholesale and retail chain, from the comfort of your own home. I’m excited to see that both, store operators and customers, are provided with the most efficient experiences with our platform together with MYDIN.” Raja M Danial Raja Abdul Rahman, Dropee’s Head of Project Management, adds, “This collaboration took great effort from all parties. It is truly an achievement to bring such a well-known, celebrated brand closer to everyone’s home. We would like to thank TERAJU for making the initial introductions between us and MYDIN, as part of their Bumiputera strategic enabler and empowerment function.”

Dropee Direct, the solution MYDIN upgrades to

What’s next? By the end of the year, shoppers will have options to order from MYDIN stores nearby, choosing same-day delivery and enabling their bulk purchases. “Why Pay More? Buy at Wholesale Prices!” Consumers will enjoy the wholesale shopping experience online via or MYDIN app.

For local retailers, business owners, and wholesale buyers, you can also look forward to B2B functions on the platform, which are now in the works for the Dropee team. Visit our website ( and social media ( to keep up with our latest updates.