Thomas Launches The MRXD (Blessing Stamps) NFT In  October, Promoting Malaysian Tourism And Coffee With The Concept Of 11 West Malaysian States.

Kuala Lumpur, 28 September 2022 – In conjunction with the filming of “Malaysia Island Travel” program,  Thomas has announced the launch of the MRXD [Blessing Stamps] NFT which is designed to integrate the Metaverse based on well-known  attractions of the 11 West Malaysian states. As part of an endeavor to  further showcase Malaysia’s tourist attractions and coffee to international  travelers, the NFT will also provide collectors with the opportunity to win  Thomas’ very own coffee products. 

The MRXD [Blessing Stamps] NFT aims to bring happiness to all  Malaysians. When asked of the reason why East Malaysia is omitted from  the program and NFT collection, Thomas explains that the program is  scheduled to be held only in West Malaysia. However, if the response to  the program is well-received, Thomas may consider an East Malaysian  edition in the future. 

In addition, Thomas will be partnering up with Colorverse to establish a  virtual mini-Malaysia in the Metaverse to allow NFT collectors to not only  watch Thomas’ programs but also experience and explore interesting  places in Malaysia through the concept of Metaverse tourism. Apart from  enjoying the whole experience altogether, NFT collectors will also have the  opportunity to acquire Thomas’ products through the Metaverse. The Metaverse will be open to the public but only NFT holders will be able to  have exclusive interactions within the Metaverse. 

Last but not least, everyone is welcome to join Thomas as he drives his  MRXD coffee car on a tour around the entire of West Malaysia. Seize this  opportunity to interact with him and enjoy a warm cup of coffee together  starting from 27 October 2022.  

Learn more about the NFT launch details, as well as Thomas’ tour  schedule, on his official page: