Radiance Assets Mirage Of Investments In Technological Driven Solutions Expands Beyond Malaysian Borders

Malaysia, 3 August 2022- Radiance Assets Berhad (“Radiance” or “the Group”), a Shariah-compliant investment holding company, has always been set on being at the forefront of creating a technologically inclusive ecosystem for start-ups and businesses of various sizes powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

With an investment portfolio encircling a wide range of problem-solving technologies, the firm recently took ground-breaking steps to expand its mark in the cleantech and agrotech sphere; a feat Executive Chairman, Dr. Mohd Ezman Bin Zamani, sees as the pioneering start to the Groups vision and mission.

Stricken with an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Ezman has never been one to shy away from failure and sought to create his own opportunities in the business world. Prior to his role at Radiance, Ezman served as the Chief Marketing Officer in Bacera Co Ltd, one of the world-leading financial institutions located in Sydney Australia, accumulating over 9+ years in the investment industry.

A graduate with a BSc in Environmental & Occupational Health (UPM) majoring in Indoor Air Quality, he decided to do the unexpected and made a drastic move by exploring the beauty of financial sectors specializing in Technical Analysis, Sales, Marketing, Dealing, Compliance, Commodities, Money Market, Risk Management, and Stocks.

Ezman worked in various roles in financial services, building knowledge of best business practices and growth strategies through experience. These experiences have armed him with an excellent vision in creative investment and expertise in analyzing investment risks, which contributed to his success so far.

On a mission to create a lifestyle that integrates technology seamlessly into the lives of consumers, Ezman founded Radiance Assets Berhad in February 2021 with the hopes of achieving this vision.

In just a short couple of years, Radiance has invested its efforts and acquired extensive exposure in a myriad of diverse industries, championing high-end technology solutions through the development of Fintech, Meditech, Cleantech and Agrotech.

One of Radiance’s ventures in Fintech includes its wholly-owned subsidiary, Redipay Berhad – a company that drives a digital payment gateway blending in high-tech solutions with business processes to offer efficient and cost-effective digital transaction services.

Catered to manage small to large multi-currency transaction volumes for all business sizes, the payment tool allows users to collect and disburse payments in real-time through their integrated banks and e-wallets.

Earlier this year, Radiance acquired a 10% stake in Canadian tech company DeepMarkit Corp – with the key objective to solidify and furthering its Cleantech goals.

DeepMarkit’ wholly-owned subsidiary, First Carbon Corp (FCC), is a web-based, turnkey platform that facilitates the minting of carbon credits into highly customizable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that is tradable on the blockchain market.

MintCarbon.io looks forward to receiving increased transaction volume from referrals channelled by Radiance. The Group will also work with FCC to introduce new clients to its platform that hold existing, verified credits. In return, FCC will work with Radiance to finalize agreements to supply tokenized credits to Radiance’s portfolio companies.

Radiance’ latest project, is its plans to expand into the agrotech sector in Malaysia.  The Group has to date acquired roughly 2,832 hectares of land in Kedah, Kelantan and Perak as grounds to breed cattle by using smart technology-driven closed barn system with a fully automated breeding environment.

Moving forward, Radiance has concrete plans to develop three closed barn systems that will house 5,000 heads of cattle per barn. Each will be complete with a halal-certified abattoir (slaughterhouse) which can slaughter up to 80 cattle per shift. Additionally, the Group is also expanding its closed barn system to produce several breeds of goats, poultry, and even has ambitious plans to delve into the realms of aquaculture soon.

Watch this space!