Kumoten accorded Largest Dropship Platform by Malaysia Book of Records

Kuala Lumpur, 1 August 2022 – Malaysia’s largest dropship platform, Kumoten has made its way into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) and is now eyeing expansion into Singapore and Indonesia this year.

With a catalogue bearing more than 53,000 products, the platform was recognised as having the largest collection in the local market thus earning the coveted title of Malaysia’s Largest Dropship Platform by MBOR. This translates to users being able to sell by selecting and syncing as many as 53,000 products to their Lazada or Shopee shops without buying or keeping stock of these items.

“We started off Kumoten under OGN Online Sdn Bhd in 2014 with a mission to help online sellers earn income from e-commerce as easily, as quickly, and with the lowest risk as possible. We have come a long way and now officially, have 53,598 items in our system,” said Isaac Leong, Chief Executive Officer, Kumoten.

Isaac and his brother Yew Meng co-founded the company which has empowered and enabled many who suffered the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Backed by the trust and confidence of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd and Commerce.Dotasia Ventures Sdn Bhd – a venture builder led by Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Kumoten has created earning opportunities for many Malaysians. Among those who benefited from the cause were the hearing and voice impaired, single parents, retirees and those who lost their livelihoods.

Malaysia’s largest dropship platform, Kumoten has made its way into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR)

“We are proud to say that we helped some earn at least an additional income to support their families and to cope with the rising cost of living,” Isaac says.

Yew Meng chips in that Kumoten has partnered with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in a Malaysian government initiative mooted under the Belanjawan 2021 E-commerce Initiative which proved to be very successful. Under this initiative, Kumoten enabled more than 3,000 micro small-and-medium-enterprises (SMEs) and individuals to earn an income from dropshipping in Lazada and Shopee.

“We have also partnered with PERKESO under the PEMERKASA initiative run by the Prime Minister’s Office. Under this programme, we onboarded close to 1,200 Malaysians who had lost their jobs during the pandemic,” he added.

From as low as RM69, Kumoten presents the lowest risk to entrepreneuring individuals to start a business. Unlike traditional businesses, dropshippers are not required to buy or keep stock for sales and one can start selling their goods immediately.

With its user-friendly appeal to both male and female users, Kumoten’s platform can be used by many – the physically disabled, homemakers, retirees and even young working adults. Basically, anyone who needs an extra income.

Once integrated with their Lazada and/or Shopee account to their Kumoten account, dropshippers will proceed to Kumoten’s website product page and select the items they wish to sell on their shops. Following this process, the items will appear in the MyStore section after which the dropshipper will need to click ‘Sync’ for the product information to appear on their own Lazada and/or Shopee shops almost instantly.

There is no need for downloads nor uploads as all images, description, retail selling price and other necessary data is uploaded automatically through the ‘Select’ and ‘Sync’ feature.

Kumoten’s Dropship Platform enables an automatic stock balance update across dropshippers onboard. Whenever a new order is placed, the stock balance quantity is updated in dropshippers accounts to avoid an oversold situation. Once an order is shipped out of the warehouse or delivered to a buyer, Kumoten’s system updates the fulfillment status in Lazada/Shopee.

“We will continuously invest in research and development to look into new products that can help online sellers earn more at a faster and easier rate. We also are looking to invest into recruiting more dropshippers,” Isaac said, adding that the firm is constantly on the lookout for new solutions that can help SMEs tap into Kumoten’s wide network of dropshippers.

With a promise to improve, innovate and help customers find the best solutions, Isaac and Yew Meng look forward to foray into Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore markets within this year.

“Achieving the Malaysia Book of Records recognition is definitely a huge recognition for the Kumoten team and we remain steadfast in our mission to help online sellers. We are confident in achieving our targets seeing how far we have come,” Isaac adds.