PR Tech Startup Achieves 85% YoY Growth in 2023

The Malaysian based startup also doubled up its client base for fiscal year 2022/2023.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14 February, a leading PR tech startup, which provides end-to-end PR solutions announced an impressive 85% year-on-year growth in the previous fiscal year. This noteworthy achievement highlights the company’s  dedication to innovation, ensuring client success, and affirming its crucial role in shaping the trajectory of public relations technology.

During this period, the startup experienced substantial expansion, enhancing its PR tech application with cutting-edge AI-driven technology, including features such as AI-generated press releases and the  “pay-as-you-go” services which has consistently stood out as a primary attraction for clients, contributing to its significant overall growth.

Dynamic Duo. (L-R) Manminder Kaur Dhillon (Founder) and Puspavathy Ramaloo (Co-Founder)

“We are proud to announce a robust year-on-year revenue growth of 84.5%, and a positive EBITDA of 11%, demonstrating our strong market performance and business resilience. Our team’s expertise and our clients’ expanded investments, driven by the results we have delivered, have been key to this success,” stated Chief Executive Officer and Founder of, Manminder Kaur Dhillon. 

A notable factor contributing to the company’s growth is the expansion of its client base. Throughout the year, the company has successfully doubled the client base and continues to strive in the industry. 

One of the platform’s key features is the assurance of editorial coverage in top-tier news sites for brands and by providing newsworthy content to media partners.  Manminder asserts that empowering brands with the choice to select their news site marks a revolutionary shift, significantly easing various challenges faced by communications professionals. 

“This approach not only enhances control over brand narratives but also streamlines the process of achieving targeted and impactful media presence. Simultaneously, news sites retain full editorial control, selecting content that aligns with their needs and capitalising on the monetisation opportunities once the chosen content is selected for publication,” Manminder explained. 

She further elaborated that is adeptly capturing what can be described as the ‘sweet spot’ in the industry. Their model operates seamlessly, creating a win-win solution for both brands and news sites; where brands achieve maximum publicity ROI and news sites can effectively monetise. 

On its plans to become a PR powerhouse offering end to end PR solutions for brands, Co-Founder of, Puspavathy Ramaloo added that the platform is continuously expanding its network of regional and global media partners. 

“This initiative is designed to provide brands with an expanded selection of news platforms for their content, ensuring optimal returns on investment for their PR campaigns and communication efforts, including ESG initiatives, crisis communications, and beyond.‘s dedication to facilitating mutually beneficial relationships within the industry underscores its role as a dynamic force in the evolving landscape of media and communications,” Puspavathy added. 

In terms of technology enhancement of the platform itself, Manminder announced that the company will be launching, a proprietary AI-powered platform dedicated to delivering comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) news insights and analytics for a strategic ESG communications narrative. 

“ is designed specifically for communicators, investors, corporations, and policy makers with AI algorithms at the core of the application. The application will be able to analyse vast arrays of ESG related news data, providing companies with real-time mentions and competitor or sector based analysis, zeroing in on critical ESG themes. This will enable businesses to align their communication strategies with emerging trends and stakeholder expectations in the ESG domain,” said Manminder.

She added, “At, we firmly embrace the mantra ‘Data is King,’ charting a strategic course where AI and advanced analytics form the cornerstone of our vision. This approach positions us at the forefront of strategic content creation, news monitoring and analytics, enabling the crafting of compelling, data-driven narratives for brands within a rapidly changing news landscape.”  

On future strategies and market expansion, Manminder emphasised the startup’s trajectory towards exponential growth via strategic new investment opportunities and a strong focus on cutting-edge technological developments. By harnessing these investments and prioritising innovation in the PR/media tech industry, the company aims to significantly enhance its offerings and expand its footprint in emerging regional markets. 
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