Nexible Solutions Sdn Bhd Revolutionizes CRM with AI-Powered ‘Outperform’

Kuala Lumpur, 19 December 2023 – Nexible Solutions Sdn Bhd, a leader in CRM innovation, proudly announces a significant leap in customer relationship management technology with the introduction of advanced AI capabilities in its acclaimed CRM platform, Outperform. This new development is poised to redefine the CRM landscape for SMEs and enterprise companies, with a special focus on sectors such as real estate, automotive, and private education.

Outperform: A Beacon of Local Innovation

Developed by Nexible Solutions, a Malaysia Digital Status company, Outperform has positioned itself as a beacon of Malaysian technological innovation. With a robust clientele of over 120 enterprise companies and a substantial presence among SMEs in Malaysia, the platform has been a game-changer. Outperform’s proficiency in capturing, distributing and managing leads from a variety of channels – both digital and traditional – has been pivotal in enhancing sales efficiency and marketing strategies for numerous businesses.

(L to R) Alfred Tan (Avanser Malaysia), Anan Saminathen (Nexible Solutions), Shareela (Gamuda Land), Sally Ng (Formula Venture)

The AI Outreach Module

At the heart of Outperform’s latest upgrade is its AI Outreach system. Since mid-2022, this system has been rigorously tested with select clients to ensure unparalleled performance. Utilizing Generative AI technology, tailored with industry-specific conversational datasets, the module can seamlessly interact in multiple languages, including Bahasa Malaysia. Outperform’s AI Outreach can reach out to potential leads via Whatsapp and converse with them autonomously before handing over qualified leads to the sales team. The AI System also analyzes customer interactions via phone calls and Whatsapp to create meaningful analytics and recommend next steps.

Anan Saminathen, CEO of Nexible Solutions, elaborated, “We have meticulously curated a dataset comprising thousands of customer interactions in Malaysia. This enables our AI to not only engage effectively with leads but also to autonomously enrich the CRM database, something that was previously unachievable without manual intervention.”

Impact on Industry Verticals

The versatility of Outperform is evident in its profound impact on various industries. In real estate, for instance, companies have observed a marked improvement in lead qualification and customer engagement, leading to faster closures and improved customer satisfaction. Automotive clients praise the platform for its ability to streamline the customer journey, from initial inquiry to post-sales service. Educational institutions have found immense value in Outperform’s capacity to manage and nurture leads, significantly improving enrollment rates.

Enterprise AI Journey 2023

The AI innovation was recently showcased at the ‘Enterprise AI Journey 2023’ event, co-hosted with Nexible’s business partner Avanser at the Connexion Conference and Event Center in Bangsar South. The efficacy of Outperform is best exemplified by the testimonials from its diverse clientele. 

During the event, one of the guest speakers, Shareela Binti Ahmed, a Strategic Marketing Manager from Gamuda Land, one of Malaysia’s premier real estate developers, remarked, “Outperform has revolutionized how we manage customer relationships. The AI module has not only improved our response times but has also provided deeper insights into customer needs.” A marketing head from a leading automotive brand echoes similar sentiments, highlighting the platform’s impact on their marketing campaigns and customer engagement strategies.

Behind the Technology: A Peek into the AI Engine

The AI orchestration engine powering Outperform is built by Nexible’s AI engineering talent in Malaysia. This was achieved by integrating tightly with Open AI’s Generative AI technology and various other AI systems. The AI model has been trained with tens of thousands of industry-specific dialogues in Malaysia, enabling it to understand and respond to customer queries with human-like accuracy. This AI is constantly learning and evolving, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

“Our AI orchestration engine takes into account local slangs, languages and personality. Our clients have seen at least a 3X increase in lead qualification rate and they finally have a lot of structured data about their customers for big data analysis and better CX”,  Anan Saminathen added.

Anan Saminathen, CEO of Nexible Solutions.

Looking Ahead: The Future of CRM and AI Integration

As Nexible Solutions looks to the future, they envision a world where AI integration in CRM is not just a luxury but a necessity. The company is already in the process of enhancing Outperform with additional AI-driven features, such as predictive analytics and personalized customer journey mapping. These developments are expected to further cement Outperform’s position as a leading CRM solution, both in Malaysia and in the region.

A Call to Action: Embrace the Future

As Malaysia strides towards a more AI-integrated future, Anan Saminathen added, “The enthusiasm and commitment we’re witnessing from enterprise companies in Malaysia are remarkable. We’re actively aiding about seven large enterprises in their AI transformation journey at the moment and foresee a surge in AI adoption among MSMEs in 2024.”

Nexible Solutions invites businesses to experience the future of AI and CRM with Outperform. The company is committed to partnering with its clients on their journey towards an AI digital transformation, offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each industry.

For additional information, to schedule a demo, or to discuss how Outperform can transform your business, please contact us at Join us in shaping the future of CRM with AI at its core, and together, we can create a more efficient, insightful, and customer-centric world.