Crispy Chocolate, Malaysia’s home-grown chocolate brand marks its 50th anniversary

Kuala Lumpur, 19 December 2023 – Crispy Chocolate, a popular Malaysian chocolate snack, which is marketed to 21 countries, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  

Crispy Chocolate celebrating its 50th anniversary.

To mark this historical milestone, the Network Foods Industries Group is launching a national roadshow that initially kicks off in the east coast States and Klang valley.

The Network Foods group is a member of the Pan Malaysia Corporation Berhad (PMC). Founded in 1973, Crispy Chocolate has withstood the test of time.  Its chocolatey crispy bite has been an unforgettable part of sweet memories for several Malaysian generations.

Commenting on Crispy Chocolate’s 50th anniversary, PMC Executive Director, Andrew Khoo, said: “For a home-grown chocolate brand to celebrate this milestone is a very proud moment for us.  It is a testament to Crispy’s enduring brand value in a competitive field dominated by established international brands.

Khoo noted that, internationally, fewer than 10 chocolate brands have had a history of 50 years or longer.

Special Crispy Edition combines exciting unique Malaysian, Korean and Japanese-inspired flavours

Crispy chocolate owes its success to its unique malty taste made of the finest malt, quality cocoa and with oven-roasted rice cereal, making it not just another tasty snack, but wholesome as well.”

Network Foods asserts that Crispy chocolate is classified as a health snack containing low sugar content and dietary fibre. 

As a testament to its healthful quality, Crispy Chocolate has won the Best Kid Snack in the Natural Health Readers’ Choice Award 2022 and the Cocoa Industry special award from the Malaysian Cocoa Board.  It is also certified by the Singapore Health Promotion Board in addition to being certified by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI HALAL) 

Capitalising on its popularity, the Crispy brand has recently launched the Crispy spreads for breakfast toasts and Crispy Popz malt balls for easy snacking.  The company has also created a Special Crispy Edition range that combines exciting unique Malaysian, Korean and Japanese-inspired flavours.  More line extensions of the Crispy range are being considered in future.

To learn more about Crispy Chocolate’s products and updates, visit its new Crispy website,, or follow their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.