Strengthening Ransomware Defense – The Critical Role of Backup Solutions

Kuala Lumpur, 25 October 2023 – Cybersecurity attacks have become a significant concern for organizations in recent years, with security defense ranking among the top operational priorities for the future. Synology provides innovative solutions to support organizations to secure valuable data against increasingly sophisticated threats and ease workflow. 

Numerous compliance regulations and government institutions require companies to implement effective countermeasures against ransomware threats in today’s landscape. The need for robust ransomware defense has become an urgent task for organizations worldwide.

Many companies focus only on purchasing antivirus software or believe deploying failover mechanisms is sufficient. Unfortunately, these defense strategies often fail to protect data from encryption and ransom after an actual cybersecurity attack occurs. This means that organizations have generally overlooked another critical aspect: Backup.

At Synology, we bring enhanced and comprehensive security and backup solutions, allowing you to adapt more quickly in critical situations. When data is lost following malicious deletion or modification, backups allow you to restore mission-critical data and avoid costly downtime. Synology’s data protection solutions design a backup strategy for your entire IT infrastructure.

According to a survey conducted by IDC, more than 80% of companies suffer data loss following an attack, and about 60% of respondents stated that this data loss is irrecoverable. In other words, the most severe consequence of ransomware is the inability of businesses to retrieve essential operational or confidential data. Therefore, companies must develop a correct understanding that while antivirus software and failover mechanisms are indeed effective, they address different problems and excel in different areas, leaving a gap in the face of ransomware and cybersecurity attacks.

Synology makes security our top priority with a dedicated Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) to fix critical vulnerabilities within 24 hours, outpacing the industry average of 60 days. Synology designed a four-phase software development process (Design, Development, Verification, Release) to ensure product safety and quick response to zero-day attacks. 

Antivirus software is often the first line of defense for many companies due to its convenience and ease of implementation. However, according to statistics from the independent IT security organization AV-TEST, there are over 450,000 new malicious or harmful programs emerging every day. When employees fail to develop habits of regularly updating software versions and virus definitions, they may struggle to keep up with the evolution of ransomware, rendering their defenses inadequate. Even with updates, there is no guarantee that hackers or malicious organizations will not bypass or break through the antivirus software. 

This means that critical data remains vulnerable, and once it is encrypted, there may be no other means of recovery. While antivirus software can effectively reduce the probability of an attack, it does not possess the ability to recover from ransomware.

Misunderstandings also frequently arise when equating backup with failover. For instance, in the case of High Availability (HA), which operates by setting up active and passive servers, the data from the active server is continuously synchronized with the passive server. When the active server encounters issues or stops operating due to external factors, the passive server takes over to ensure uninterrupted operations. However, during a ransomware attack, the synchronization process lacks exclusivity, and encrypted files are still transmitted to the passive server. This means that business operations will be interrupted, and the data will be lost.

Active collaboration between Synology’s security team and product development team enables us to fix security vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently. With frequent engagement with top hackers to enhance security products and as a member of the highly respected Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) we are at the forefront of the international cybersecurity community. By partnering with other leading organizations and staying up-to-date on the latest security advancements, we at Synology are able to respond to security incidents with unparalleled effectiveness.

Organizations that implement modern backup systems and prioritize disaster recovery have the ability to perform fast full-machine backups and eliminate duplicate data. By establishing backup versions that can be traced back to different points in time, these organizations can restore specific files from any desired time, mount backups on virtual machines as needed, quickly restart relevant services, minimize downtime, and preserve valuable data.

By adopting such practices companies can truly overcome the negative impact of ransomware, ensuring data security, continuity, and resilience.

From design to release, coding to testing, Synology is fully committed to integrating security into every step of our product development process to safeguard your data.

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