Muafakat Awards Night 2023: Israk Demonstrates Full Commitment in the Education Sector

Kuala Lumpur, 5 October 2023 – In a glorious celebration of education and collaboration, Israk proudly announced its partnership with Muafakat at the Muafakat Awards Night 2023, which took place on September 23, 2023. This event, organized by Muafakat, promised to be an evening filled with innovation and a commitment to honoring Muafakat members who have contributed to the advancement of education and to enhancing the education experience. Additionally, the gala night aimed to recognize the united cooperation and support of existing and former Muafakat members within their respective states in carrying out development activities, fundraising, and support for their institutions.

Israk’s interactive space, featuring an interactive smart board

Regarding Israk’s collaboration in the field of education, Israk, a leading technology provider, offered its support to Muafakat by providing platforms and technology tools. Israk, known in Malaysia as the foremost supplier of interactive smartboards, is a strategic partner for Muafakat. Their contribution of interactive smartboards reflects Israk’s steadfast commitment to educational excellence.

During the event, Israk provided the latest smartboards and interactive social media cameras for use at the Muafakat Awards Night. The purpose of this technology was to enhance the learning atmosphere and showcase the possibilities of modern learning tools and interactive media in the education process.

Demonstration of smartboards to the Muafakat Awards Night 2023 visitors

Muafakat recognized the importance of fostering cooperation and innovation in education. As part of the event’s theme celebrating technology in education, Muafakat provided space for Israk to showcase their gadgets and technology during the Muafakat Awards Night. This space served as a first step to interact and experience firsthand the use of technology and innovative solutions from Israk.

Furthermore, Israk’s role as the exclusive Smartboard provider serves as evidence of Muafakat’s confidence in Israk’s advanced technological solutions. This collaboration aims to empower educators and students with the latest educational tools, ensuring a brighter future for Malaysia’s education system. It exemplifies Israk and Muafakat’s strong and unwavering commitment to elevating Malaysian education.

Muafakat, formerly known as the Mara Malaysia Educational Cooperation Body, was established on May 17, 1999. Over nearly two decades, they have provided a platform for forums and services that benefit the welfare and progress of students at Maktab Rendah Sains MARA/Kolej MARA. Muafakat has also played a crucial role in driving economic activities, enabling parents, teachers, and former students to raise funds and allocate them to MARA education projects.

Key Stakeholder Statements: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Muafakat for the Muafakat Awards Night 2023. Israk’s commitment to education is unwavering, and this partnership is evidence of our dedication to providing innovative solutions that enhance the learning experience.” – Najib Habeb, Managing Director at Israk. “Muafakat has consistently been a focal point and support for students and educators across Malaysia. To focus on the agenda of nation-building, we must start by injecting knowledge and education. This is the ultimate weapon for transforming our nation, as emphasized by Tun Razak in Parliament. There is no shortcut to developing our nation other than through knowledge and education. This partnership with Israk reflects our commitment to remaining at the forefront of educational technology.” – Datuk Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Daro Dusuki, Chairman of MARA.

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