MOU signed to empower one million high-impact learners

Wonderspire Group and Annems Leadership Solution set five-year target for a national education goal

KUALA LUMPUR, 04 September 2023 — Wonderspire Group Berhad and Annems Leadership Solution Sdn Bhd have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to set out to achieve an important education goal — empowering one million high-impact learners in the next five years.

Signing on behalf of Annems Leadership Solution & Wonderspire Group Berhad
L- Datuk Faridah Hanim, President of Annems Leadership Solution
R- Mohammed Shafeeq Zulkifli, Group CEO of Wonderspire Group Berhad

At the ceremony, Mohammed Shafeeq Zulkifli, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wonderspire Group Berhad hopes the collaboration will inevitably produce the “next-best Elon Musk of Space X and Tesla, or the next-best Bill Gates from our ecosystem of learning.”

“Most parents are worried about their children’s future and this is because: on top of a turbulent economy landscape, our children face challenges like the influences of addictive gaming, non-productive social media influence, bullying and pornography.

“As educators, we must provide a holistic approach for our children not only to survive but to be able to lead in a productive learning environment, and become a solution creator,” Mohammed Shafeeq added.

Wonderspire — stemming from the words ‘Inspire’ and ‘Wonders’ — was founded by Shafeeq who bears the title technologist, engineer and educator. He had wanted to nurture more high-impact innovators who can create and lead scalable solutions to improve the economic stability and drive sustainable happiness, globally.

While a firm believer of formal learning, Wonderspire believes it is insufficient to shape a transformational culture in society thus leading it to build an ecosystem of innovative learning that includes competency and lifestyle development. The education system welcomes learners from preschool ages to young adults. 

Some of the key learning modules in Wonderspire Academy comprises Innovator identity development such as problem-solving, critical thinking, self-leadership and creativity. Digital skills such as coding, robotic, artificial intelligence and mobile app development are also included as these skills would grow in demand by the industry in the next five to 10 years and can boost career development, and be essential to businesses. To empower parents at home, Wonderspire offers its WERA App to help them keep abreast of their children’s situation — academically as well as their well-being.

“We leverage technology to provide personalised learning and innovation to help learners acquire important skill sets to be self-independent while aspiring to be an industrial leader. We believe learning should be a life-fulfilling journey that is packed with excitement, unleashes creativity, unfolds motivation and produces results!” Shafeeq, who received the Outstanding Leadership Award in Education and Learning in Dubai, in 2022, added.

Mohammed Shafeeq Zulkifli, Group CEO of Wonderspire Group Berhad

President of Annems Leadership Solution Datuk Faridah Hanim said the MoU marked a growth for the firm that had started out as an organisational and leadership training outlet since its inception in 2015.

“Eight-years since our incorporation, we have transcended to become a credible leadership and organisational development centre serving Small Medium Enterprises in Malaysia and beyond. Signing this MoU means we have a hand in shaping young and new leaders in industries, not just on Malaysian shores but internationally,” she added.

The collaboration between Wonderspire and Annems, Datuk Faridah said, is in line with the Annems’ objective to develop skills and intensify motivation of people. This will serve to positively affect key performance outcomes and sustainable long-term individual, leadership and organisational development at all levels of interactions.

Providing tailored solutions and consultancy services to suit individuals and organisations, Annems offers a wealth of research expertise and access to emerging approaches to ensure its offerings are at the forefront of Leadership and Organisational Development. Annems also believes in adopting a dynamic approach in the world of Human Capital Development wherein it applies practical application of learning to real world situations to increase learning transfer, create impact and enhance returns on investments.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Wonderspire and cannot wait to see what the future holds,” she concludes.