KeyReply Empowers RS Krakatau Medika Hospital’s With Ai Systems

KeyReply’s collaborates with RS Krakatau Medika Hospital Indonesia to enable Contact Center chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence

SINGAPORE, 11 AUGUST 2023 – KeyReply (KR), a leading provider of AI-powered healthcare solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with RS Krakatau Medika, a premier hospital in Indonesia. This collaboration aims to enhance patient experience and streamline hospital operations through the implementation of KR’s AI powered Contact Center.

Krakatau Chatbot (Widget)

RS Krakatau Medika, known for its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services, has chosen KR to modernize and optimize its patient communication processes. By leveraging KR’s cutting-edge AI technology, Krakatau Medika will potentially enable hospital staff to save more than an hour’s work daily, currently spent on administrative work and streamline the patient engagement processes. 

The KR Contact Center AI platform offers an intelligent and automated solution that enables RS Krakatau Medika to handle a higher volume of patient inquiries and support requests with a proactive issue detection to minimize downtime and escalate enquiries to the right agents. With the power of Natural Language Technology, the AI-powered chatbot can provide immediate assistance, answer frequently asked questions, and route inquiries to the appropriate departments, improving response times and overall customer satisfaction.

“We are excited to enable Artificial Intelligence for RS Krakatau Medika. This will optimize the routine process and enable contact center agents to focus on each enquiry routed to them personally,” said Peiru Teo, CEO of KeyReply. “As our platform automates enquiries for RS Krakatau Medika, the hospital is empowered to optimize its operations, improve the patient experience, and increase operational efficiency.”

“We believe that with the Keyreply AI application, patients will find it easier to find information on services at RS Krakatau Medika, and we can foster better patient loyalty at our hospital.” Director of RS Krakatau Medika, Dr. Yan Hardi Luthan said. “The analytics that KeyReply’s platform consolidates will also enable us to address each patient’s needs personally and efficiently.”

In addition, to support the patient facing systems, RS Krakatau Medika will be enabled with data-driven insights on the KR AI platform. It will include insights and analytics on patient interactions, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of services.