MITBA Spearheads Transformation Through Key Programmes

MITBA at the ‘Evolving Trends Impacting Directors & Officers Liability, Professional Liability & Cyber Risks’ Seminar in Kuching this year

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 JULY 2023 The Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers Association (MITBA), the national body of Insurance and Takaful brokers, proudly announces a series of remarkable achievements as it concludes a transformative period from 2022 to 2023. MITBA has successfully spearheaded numerous impactful programmes, fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the Insurance and Takaful broking sector, solidifying its position as a driving force of change.

The annual CEO Conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa this year, stands out as a defining moment in MITBA’s journey. This prestigious event gathered top industry leaders from across Malaysia, providing a platform for discussions on transformation and sustainable growth. The conference sparked enlightening conversations about emerging trends, risk management strategies, and strategic partnerships, setting new benchmarks for leadership and innovation within the Insurance and Takaful broking landscape. The CEO Conference served as a pivotal platform for MITBA to showcase the vital role of brokers and raise awareness among industry stakeholders.

Another milestone accomplishment was the successful inaugural Leaders’ Summit in Melaka, organized by MITBA in February 2023. This ground breaking event brought together local experts in the ,. The summit ignited discussions on cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends, and the future of the Insurance and Takaful broking sector. As a testament to MITBA’s unwavering commitment to driving excellence and fostering collaboration, the Leaders’ Summit proved instrumental in shaping a prosperous future for its members while amplifying the understanding of the pivotal role of brokers within the industry.

Throughout this milestone period, MITBA demonstrated its dedication to empowering its members through a series of thought-provoking talks and seminars. The “Frontiers of Manufacturer’s Liability” and “Planning for General Insurance” series, comprising multiple parts, addressed critical topics such as market analysis, product development, risk management, and emerging trends. Esteemed industry experts shared invaluable insights, equipping attendees with the necessary knowledge and strategies to navigate the complex landscape of general insurance successfully. These programmes exemplify MITBA’s continuous efforts to provide its members with the tools and expertise required to excel in their roles as brokers.

In addition to its transformative initiatives, MITBA remains committed to corporate social responsibility. The association recently partnered with PJ Caring Home for a meaningful CSR event, where MITBA members dedicated their time to engage with the residents, providing them with a heart-warming lunch and making a generous monetary donation. This act of compassion demonstrates MITBA’s commitment to making a positive impact on the community, while also highlighting the values of care and support deeply ingrained within the association.

MITBA’s CSR commitment, an initiative at PJ Caring Home for its residents

Vicky Rajaratnam, the esteemed Chairman of MITBA, expressed his profound pride in the association’s milestone achievements during the transformative period. He emphasized that these remarkable accomplishments were made possible through the collective efforts of MITBA’s Management Committee, respected members, who have consistently demonstrated their unwavering dedication to collaboration, innovation, and embracing change. Vicky further highlighted his long-standing desire to raise exposure and enhance public understanding of the vital role played by brokers within the Insurance and Takaful broking industry. With a clear vision of a future where Insurance and Takaful broking protect and empower individuals, businesses, and communities, MITBA continues to drive transformative change and excellence within the sector.

As MITBA celebrates these milestone achievements, the association remains steadfast in its commitment to inspire visionary leadership, foster collaboration, and shape the future of the insurance and broking industry. MITBA’s accomplishments from 2022 to 2023 serve as a testament to its dedication and ability to set new standards of excellence, firmly establishing itself as a driving force in the industry.