Gorgeous Geeks Celebrates 15 Years of Empowering Women in Tech

Kuala Lumpur, 18 July 2023 – Gorgeous Geeks, a renowned non-governmental organisation dedicated to empowering women through technology, celebrated its 15th anniversary at KL Wellness City, Bukit Jalil, today. Founded with the mission to encourage the use of technology as an integral part of women’s lifestyles, Gorgeous Geeks has evolved into a powerhouse that promotes gender equality to benefit everyone.

Photo 1: Gorgeous Geeks’ committee members and their beloved patron (from left to right): Carol Fung, Chin Paik Chuen, Nadiah Tan Abdullah, Julia Koh, Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, Alecia Heng, Janette Lim, Sharon Goh, Jowynne Khor, and Louise Ng

The event was graced by Gorgeous Geeks patrons, Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, Managing Partner at Future Ready Consulting, and Anne Abraham, founder and Chairperson at LeadWomen. Also in attendance were TPr. Wee Huay Neo, Advisor at PIKOM E-Commerce Malaysia, and Datuk Ng Wan Peng, Director at Digital Penang.  

During the event, Julia Koh, Gorgeous Geeks’ President, shared with the fabulous, pink-clad attendees the key milestones the organisation has achieved over the last 15 years, chiefly on how it has created a significant impact in helping women leverage technology for their businesses and careers.

As part of their 15th anniversary celebrations, Gorgeous Geeks is delighted to announce the donation of 10 laptops to four charities serving underprivileged children, namely, Dignity for Children Foundation, House of Joy, Yayasan Sunbeams Homes, and Community at Heart. This charitable endeavour aims to provide these deserving children with the essential tools they need to excel in various aspects of their lives and empower them to achieve their goals.

Photo 2: Gorgeous Geeks Committee Members and Patron in the cake cutting ceremony to commemorate their 15th anniversary

“Reaching our 15th anniversary is a significant milestone for Gorgeous Geeks. It gives us immense pleasure to commemorate this occasion by giving back to our community and supporting disadvantaged children through the power of technology,” said Koh. “We believe that by equipping children with the necessary tools and skills, we can give them a head start to thrive in the digital age and help them overcome the barriers they face.”

Befitting of the organisation’s social impact and empowerment mission, Gorgeous Geeks remains steadfast in its dedication to equip women with vital tech skills and knowledge through its activities, programmes, causes, and contributions.  

“Our contribution and support for charitable causes go hand-in-hand with our belief that by empowering women through technology, they can have a positive social and economic impact on their family, community, and society,” Koh continued.

Koh added, “The key to our success and longevity lies in our firm belief in the power of empowerment—be it through skill-building workshops, leadership and entrepreneur programmes, or networking events.”  

Since its inception in January 2008, Gorgeous Geeks has recognised and championed the transformative power of technology and the immense potential it holds for women. Through conferences, training and workshops, networking events, and webinars under its four pillars: SHARE, LEARN, SUPPORT, and SHOWCASE, the organisation provides a platform for learning and discussion on the opportunities and gaps for women’s personal and professional development.

“To date, we have trained over 3,000 women in eight cities through a variety of events, workshops, and conferences. I’m pleased to report that 100% of the participants found the programmes to be beneficial to them and their company, indicating that their digital knowledge has improved,” Koh explained.

Gorgeous Geeks extends its heartfelt gratitude to its dedicated members, partners, patrons, and sponsors who have supported its mission throughout the years. Their unwavering commitment and contributions were instrumental in empowering countless women and shaping the organisation’s success.

To learn more about Gorgeous Geeks and their initiatives, please visit https://gorgeousgeeks.net or follow them on:

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