Local Squash Players Gain Valuable World Ranking via PSA WSF  Satellite Series Tournaments

More than 700 players from 15 Countries to participate in the tournament

Kuala Lumpur, 28 February 2023 – World ranking of local squash players will be boosted significantly through the PSA WSF Satellite Series Tournament organised by Ace Sports & Management which has been authorised to organise and promote the tournaments in Asia and Malaysia.

The sports management company, formed by passionate enthusiasts of squash, has secured the approval of the WSF to conduct a total of 12 tournaments all over Malaysia for this year alone, attracting players from countries such as Japan, Korea, Egypt, Singapore and more. 

(L to R) Siti Medinah Abu Bakar, Director Ace Sports & Management, Major (RTD) S. Maniam, Director / National Coach SRAM, Jagdish Kumar, Promoter Ace Sports & Management, YB Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia, YB Nichole Tan Lee Koon, Negeri Sembilan State Executive Councilor, Gerard Monteiro, President of SRAM, Farid Yunus, CEO RedOne Networks Sdn Bhd

The first of these tournaments was the PSA WSF Satellite (#1) 2023, which was held on February 16 at the Royal Sungei Ujong Club. 

“The goal of this tournament is to nurture young squash talents who can rise the ranks and achieve valuable PSA ranking in Malaysia itself. We are committed to providing a nurturing yet competitive platform environment that unlocks their full potential. At Ace Sports & Management, we are confident that our efforts to organise this tournament will pave the way for a new generation of highly skilled players who can proudly represent the country on the international stage,” said Chief Executive Officer of Ace Sports & Management, Chandran Munusamy after the launch of the tournament today by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh. 

The 12 tournaments have been scheduled for the months of March, June, July, August, October, November, and December, and are scattered across the peninsula, covering Bukit Jalil Squash centre, Nicol David International Squash Centre, and Royal Sungai Ujong Club, Seremban to name a few. The tournament serves as a platform for Malaysian players to compete while simultaneously gaining experience playing opponents from different countries with the advantage of being on home-ground.

YB Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth & Sports of Malaysia

Stemming from the general practice of state and national organised tournaments to develop junior players by the age of 19, the only option for local players who plan to pursue squash at a 

professional level is to go abroad to take part in tournaments. However, with WSF Satellite tournaments being held in Malaysia, it means players can improve their PSA ranking without going overseas, and Ace Sports & Management has partnered with FS Squash Academy UK to ensure the tournaments are run at the highest standard possible.

“The additional advantage in organising the PSA WSF Satellite tournaments is that it promotes Malaysia as the Squash Rackets Association (SRA)’s Tournament Hub,” enthused Chandran.

Noting Malaysia’s very own squash talents like Dato’ Nicol David who kept the top World Rank spot for 108 months, Ong Beng Hee, and rising stars like Sivasangari Subramaniam who achieved a career high of being 16th on the World Ranking list, and Low Wee Wern who achieved a career high of being 5th, Chandran said there is a need to create a funnel for future talents. 

“These tournaments serve that purpose, and we are committed to fuel the presence of squash tournaments in Malaysia. These tournaments will be held at a very high standard, and with our long-term commitment to improve accessibility and making being squash professionals a sustainable career option for all enthusiasts,” he said.

Each satellite tournament will see a draw size of 32 players for the category of Men and Women. The tournament follows the standard PSA rules and regulations, enforced by the PSA officials and referees. The total prize money for the tournament is US$1,000 per category.

Jagdish Kumar, Representative of Ace Sports & Management

The PSA WSF Satellite Squash tournaments are live-streamed on social media platforms and feature highlights including coaching clinics for young players and meet-and-greet sessions with professional players. “We aim to leave a positive impact on the local squash community through these tournaments. It will be the bridge that will connect the juniors towards a professional squash career, and we look to boost this effort as we consider implementing initiatives to support young talent in the future,” Chandran asserted.

Formed by a community of players, coaches, and fans, Ace Sports & Management’s mission is to provide a platform for upcoming future stars of the game to showcase their talents.

“Embarking on our ambitious three-year roadmap, we are proud to announce that we will be organising a series of highly anticipated Satellite tournaments in Jakarta, Indonesia next year. 

These tournaments will serve as a stepping stone for aspiring players, enabling them to gain valuable experience and exposure on the international stage. Additionally, in 2024, we have plans to host additional Satellite tournaments, along with the highly regarded PSA Challenger Tournaments, right here in Malaysia,” said Ace Sports & Management Promoter, Jadish Kumar.

For more information about the PSA WSF Satellite Tournament, please visit: https://www.acesportsmgmt.com and for the live streaming of the matches, follow our social media links : https://www.instagram.com/acesportsmgmt/ or https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087858709273

Upcoming Tournament Calendar:

2 Mar 2023 :  KL Kinetic PSA WSF Satellite 2023 (Royal Sungei Ujong Club)

9 Mar 2023 :  red ONE PSA WSF Satellite #1 2023 (Universiti Malaya)

17 Mar 2023 :  Georgetown PSA WSF Satellite 2023 (Nicol David International Squash Centre)

8 June 2023 :  Ace Sports & Management PSA WSF Satellite 2023 (Royal Sungei Ujong Club)

13 Jul 2023 :  red ONE PSA WSF Satellite #2 2023 (Universiti Malaya)

21 Jul 2023 :  Feringgi PSA WSF Satellite 2023 (Nicol David International Squash Centre)

3 Aug 2023 :  red ONE PSA WSF Satellite #3 2023 (Universiti Malaya)

10 Aug 2023 :  PSA WSF SATELLITE (#2) 2023 (Cinta Sayang Resort)

19 Oct 2023 :  PSA WSF SATELLITE (#3) 2023 (Hang Jebat Squash Stadium)

23 Nov 2023 :  PSA WSF SATELLITE (#4) 2023 (Squash MBI Ipoh)

1 Dec 2023 :  Prince of Wales PSA WSF Satellite 2023 (Nicol David International Squash Centre)