Turbocharge.Live 2022 Conference To Gather 50 World-Class Marketing Tech Speakers

The Two Days Virtual Conference Is Set To Drive Share Marketing Tech Solutions Adoption by ASEAN SME’s

Supercharge Lab Turbocharge.Live 2022 Brochure

Kuala Lumpur, 22 September 2022 – Building on the success of Turbocharge.Live 2021 last October, Brand Geeks Inc is going for an encore with Supercharge Lab Turbocharge.Live 2022, Marketing Tech, Future Forward scheduled for 7-8 October 2022. 

This year’s edition will be conducted over an impactful two days of Keynote Speeches, Panel Sessions and Masterclasses with B2C and B2B streams. The conference is expected to be more vibrant with higher participation of marketers and marketing techies from our neighbouring countries and beyond. The conference will continue to be held virtually via Airmeet and for this year, will be preceded by a pre-event dinner for speakers and sponsors hosted by Title & Corporate Platinum Sponsor, Supercharge Lab Inc, USA on 5 October 2020 in Kuala Lumpur. 

Ann Suwanjindar, CSO of Supercharge Lab Inc and Keynote Speaker for the conference said, “We see Southeast Asia as an important market that is primed for a strong post-pandemic response. This can only be achieved through the accelerated adoption of marketing tech by businesses of all sizes. Being an integral part of this conference provides Supercharge Lab with an established platform to enhance our visibility in this region and to introduce our game-changing AI-powered marketing tech solution. We are definitely “Supercharging” Turbocharge.Live 2022!” 

Marketing Tech, Future Forward 

The theme for this year seeks to inspire businesses and brands towards an optimistic outlook for their future, which is currently still in need of encouragement. 

“By introducing B2C and B2B streams for this year’s conference with concurrent Masterclass tracks, we hope to provide more focused curation of marketing tech solutions based on our attendees’ target audiences. These solutions are not only relevant but also vital to their future business growth.” said Manisah Sarujee, Conference Director and Geek-in-Command for Brand Geeks Inc. 

“With Brand Geeks Inc successfully receiving its HRD Corp Registered Trainer status and this year’s edition being HRD Corp Claimable, we urge qualified companies to maximise the upskilling of their marketing teams with the mind-blowing content lined up!” added Manisah. 

Gathering of Who’s Who of Marketing Tech across ASEAN 

A number of returning sponsors, event partners and marketing tech solutions include Dattel Asia Group (Platinum Marketing Tech Sponsor), Evenesis (Event Tech Partner & Gold Marketing Tech Sponsor), PubliCT.io (Event Partner & Gold Marketing Tech Sponsor) as well as UOB and Beta Foundation as SME & Tech Partners.

Supercharge Lab Turbocharge.Live 2022 also welcomes, as of the date of publishing, new partners Supercharge Lab Inc (Title & Corporate Platinum Sponsor), REV Media Group (Corporate Media Sponsor), Qwork (Gold Corporate Sponsor) and Medkad (Silver Corporate Sponsor) as well as the following SME & Tech Partners: E3Hub (Malaysia & Indonesia), Rawspark (Singapore), Mavensonline (Brunei Darussalam) and Soldoutt (Thailand). 

Encore speakers from 2021 include Ashran Dato’ Ghazi (Dattel Asia), Yusno Yunos (Evenesis), Manminder Khaur (PubliCT.io), William Heng (UOB) and Fariz Hanapiah (EDT), among others. 

In addition to Keynote Speaker Ann Suwanjindar (USA), who will be speaking on the present and future of marketing tech in relation to AI-powered solutions, a host of new speakers have confirmed their participation. These include Anne Cheng of Supercharge Lab Inc (Singapore), Ellza Malok (Blue Monarch Group, USA), Caspar Francis (Rawspark, Singapore), Dave Maholtra (Soldoutt, Thailand), Chai Li Goh (Mavensonline, Brunei Darussalam), Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala (IBR Asia, Malaysia), Yuhwen Foong (Sushivid, Malaysia) and many more. Virtual Influencer Max is also scheduled to make an exclusive appearance. A total number of almost 50 speakers is expected to feature. 

They will be sharing their experience and expertise in a wide range of issues in marketing tech from understanding customer personas to discussions on omni-channel marketing and even a sneak peak into the metaverse. The marketing tech solutions being showcased will cut across Unify (Market Research & Strategy), Amplify (Promotion) and Quantify (Analytics). 

Sparking Joy through Marketing Tech Synergies 

During the conference’s pre-event dinner, Supercharge Lab Inc and Dattel Asia Group will be formally announcing an exciting partnership that will put Malaysia on the global map as a centre of excellence for marketers. 

“In a market where up to 62% of digital advertising cost is wasted, amounting to a whopping RM3.2 Billion, this partnership is expected to help corporations, SMEs and marketers across Asia use AI-powered solutions to drive better outcomes for sales, marketing and operations.” said Anne Cheng, CEO of Supercharge Lab Inc. 

“Our track record of improving productivity by up to 550% within a period of 6 months for our clients across North America and Southeast Asia has saved thousands of man-hours in manual work, creating outcomes in content marketing, SEO and UI/UX.” Anne added. 

“Localised insight and data will dramatically improve these performance outcomes, leveraging on the synergy of the two powerful marketing tech solutions that this partnership offers.” emphasised 

Ashran Dato’ Ghazi, CEO of Dattel Asia Group. 

Full details for Supercharge Lab Turbocharge.Live 2022 and conference tickets are available at https://turbocharge.live/. You may also download the brochure at htttps://tinyurl.com/TCL22Brochure or drop them a note at turbocharge@brandgeeksinc.com