US-based Renewable Energy Firm Sets Expansion Goal On Singapore And Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 7 September 2022 – The rise of renewable energy or green technology is irrefutable with market research projecting the portable power station industry to achieve US$494 million, globally, by 2026.

Consultancy firm MarketsandMarkets says this is almost a 38% spike from the estimated US$358 million value of the market in 2021. Emerging confident from its run in the Western market, the US-based technology startup EcoFlow has set its sights on Singapore and Malaysia to grow its brand.

With its flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee, EcoFlow, the makers of industry-first, smart and powerful mobile power products is confident of achieving similar, if not better success in the Asian region. This is further fuelled by the current eco-conscious consumerism movements as well as unavoidable economic factors like the rising cost of fuel.

In July 2021, EcoFlow launched a Kickstarter campaign for the DELTA Pro ecosystem – a high-capacity home battery, alongside some supporting accessories. In just one hour of fundraising on the crowdfunding platform, over US$1 million was poured into the product – far surpassing the initial US$100,000 goal that was set.

The business collected nearly US$12 million during the two month campaign making it the most-funded tech project on Kickstarter to date.

EcoFlow Series

The DELTA Pro, DELTA Max, 400W Solar Panel, and Smart Generator also bagged four iF (Industrial Forum) Design Awards in April 2022 – where the jury honours design achievements across products, communication and service design, user experience and interface as well as packaging, amongst others.

Founded by entrepreneurs Eli Harris, Fan Zheng, Hannah Sieber and Lei Wang in 2016, EcoFlow’s objective is to provide innovative renewable energy solutions systems by creating an entire ecosystem of products to support its high-capacity power station.

Since then, EcoFlow has gained the confidence of consumers in over 100 countries with its Delta and River portable power stations, and its eco-friendly accessories. About 80% of the company’s sales are said to be from North America, Europe and Japan.

“Extreme weather events and grid instability are driving people to take more control of their home power solutions,” said Thomas Chen, R&D Director at EcoFlow post-winning the iF Design award. 

Reiterating EcoFlow’s mission to reinvent the way the world accesses energy by creating quiet, lighter, and longer-lasting renewable batteries, Chen said the DELTA Pro ecosystem is primarily designed to provide critical backup power during power outages and, to better monitor and control your daily consumption of power and lower utility bills.

Co-founder Harris has been previously quoted as saying: “Our investors are almost entirely vertically integrated with every component in our supply chain. That gives us access to these top-tier manufacturers that no start-ups could enjoy and helps us get direct access to vendors at large companies.”

The healthy partnerships with its component makers help EcoFlow with cash flow which usually proves to be a hurdle for hardware start-ups. The firm, he says, is focused on R&D, sales and marketing, and in so doing, helps propel EcoFlow to achieving better success in product efficiency and effectiveness.

EcoFlow River Pro Series

EcoFlow is also known for its River series of products which is touted as an industry-leading portable power. The EcoFlow RIVER series offers four portable power stations with an output of 600W but varying in weight between 2.86kg and 7.6kgs. 

Both Delta and River series are available in Lazada Malaysia: