Malaysians are eggcited to see the first ever ‘egg-design’ pimple patches released in conjunction with Merdeka month

Kuala Lumpur, 5 August 2022- It’s not everyday you hear about a collaboration between a beauty brand and food & beverage brand. It’s difficult to even imagine a connection between skincare and food.

So, what happens when you put burger lab geeks and a pimple patch team together? Well surprise surprise! They create cute patches in the shape of food, of course! In fact, Dododots x myBurgerLab just released pimple patches that are designed to look like sunny side up eggs and Malaysians are going crazy over it.

Dododots is the first in Malaysia to sell creative pimple patches (something cute you would stick on your skin to help cover, protect and flatten your acne). Their community of dotters (people who wear their dododots) received updates on this through email. But a week before launching, they sent out a batch of these products to their loyal customers and brand advocates as a gesture of gratitude for the support. “The response from our community has been overwhelming, they absolutely loved it! The patches are aesthetic in nature (who doesn’t like sunny-side-up eggs?), have personality and does an eggcellent job of helping you feel cute while covering your acne. – Ethan Wong, Founder of Dododots” 

Esther Erin, the other founder of Dododots even took to Facebook to share a heartfelt message: “Why myBurgerLab? Because I truly believe we share the same values and focus on one thing – Ohana. We put people first including our team members, delivery partners, customers and more. I’m truly geeking out because if you told my younger self I’d collaborate with one of my favourite brands ever, I’d say what did you drink last night because… Is your hangover talking?” Now, she quoted hangover because that’s one of the famous burgers at myBurgerLab!

What better way to celebrate the spirit of #supportlocal than by having two local brands collaborate with each other in conjunction with Merdeka month? Dododots is pushing the boundaries of brand collaboration by working with non-beauty brands. The founders believe that collaborations like this will help to reach more people who are battling with skin insecurities to feel good even on the bad skin days. 

For a limited time only, these pimple patches will be available in an exclusive Dododots x myBurgerLab packaging (limited quantities only). You can get it at an early bird price before 10th of August before it reverts to its normal price of RM18 for 24 egg patches. 

Dododots will also be setting up shop at Lokafest 2.0 – Kedai K.L on the 27th and 28th of August. Special promotions will be available there as well – up for grabs!