International award winner Yong Sheng Gift Shop celebrates 70-year milestone with the timeless tradition of handcrafted gifts

Muar, Johor, 21 July 2022 — Multiple award winner Yong Sheng Gift Shop (“Yong Sheng”) celebrates its 70th anniversary today, marking a significant milestone for the gift shop and its 10 branches across Malaysia. Yong Sheng has won the prestigious Golden Eagle Award for six consecutive years. To top it off, a select few of its hand-crafted pastries have also been bestowed international quality awards by “Monde Selection” from Belgium, which includes Signature Egg Yolk Pies, Wife Cake, Green Bean Cake, and Almond Crispy Pies.

Throughout its seven decades of existence, Yong Sheng has been a constant in the hearts of Muar residents. Back in the 1950s, residents of Muar visiting relatives and friends made it a point to gift Yong Sheng Gift Shop items as souvenirs. While the brand at one point only owned half the storefronts in the vicinity, it persevered and became a hit among the locals. Its quality handcrafted goods, even without glamorous decorations and crowd-pleasing marketing tactics, wowed the crowd.

Yong Sheng is now a brand that Muar citizens care dearly about, and the custom of gift-giving continues to this day. In addition to producing delectable hand-crafted pastries, snacks, souvenirs, wedding gift sets, and full moon gift sets, the preservation of cultural history has been one of Yong Sheng Gift Shop’s missions throughout time.

The gift shop has also adhered to the spirit of excellence throughout the years. In fact, Yong Sheng recently launched a campaign with a series of activities and a promotional video to promote the gift-giving culture while preserving the taste of tradition. And there is a reasoning behind gift shop’s objective.

In the Chinese culture, gift-giving during special occasions is a vital way to build and strengthen relationships. For instance, people often give New Year cookies or hampers to their family and friends during Chinese New Year and likewise, mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

With that said, the purpose of the video is to reveal the importance of gift-giving while preserving this meaningful tradition, linking back to Yong Sheng’s mission. These hand-crafted pastries are not just snacks and souvenirs. They also are a carrier of tradition and human relations. It is the tradition of gift-giving, after all, that makes every occasion unforgettable. 

Yong Sheng is also organising a Buy & Win contest to promote the tradition of gift-giving in conjunction with the campaign. Stand a chance to win incredible prizes, including a Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy Vacuum Cleaner, an Apple Watch Series 7, a 10.2-inch iPad, Signature Egg Yolk Pies, and cash vouchers when you spend a minimum of RM70 at any Yong Sheng outlet or on their official website from 1st July 2022 to 31st August 2022.