Shoppymore – Malaysia’s newest and safest e-commerce platform

Kuala Lumpur, 28 April 2022 – Malaysia’s newest e-commerce website – Shoppymore – is an online retail platform that offers shoppers and Sellers the safest, most satisfying online shopping experience possible. The platform’s ALL-In-ONE concept makes it the best retail gateway to penetrate the e-commerce arena and expand retail businesses online.  

“What we have is a comprehensive and thorough mechanism with a three-fold objective; one, we look for vendors who are ethical and trustworthy, two, we ensure and verify that the products on Shoppymore are genuine, authentic and of good quality, and three, we have an extensive customer and vendor support system to solve problems, educate and assist,” says Shoppymore Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer Dato Sri Dr. Barani Karuna Karan.

\”All these are put in place so that we can offer the best possible online retail buying and selling experience, looking after both vendors and sellers alike, “he adds. 

Shoppymore Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer Dato Sri Dr. Barani Karuna Karan

Shoppymore was introduced to the Malaysian online marketplace in 2021. Quickly attracting attention, the platform closed 2021 with 100 Sellers, a figure the company aims to increase to 1,000 this year (2022) with a revenue of RM10 million.

“Plans are also in the pipeline to expand to India, Indonesia and the Philippines to introduce Malaysian-made products in cross border commerce and to take the Shoppymore brand values to a wider market,” Dato’ Sri Dr. Barani says. He added that Shoppymore’s intent is not to accumulate large numbers of Sellers, but to ensure that the platform is recognised as a world-class marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart and eBay. 

“We want to be the preferred choice for our stakeholders by providing five-star quality products and services. And we aim to achieve these high standards through our values of transparency, uncompromising ethics and giving back to society.” Not only that, according to the Shoppymore CEO, the main focus is to support the micro entrepreneurs, the local and made in Malaysia products with halal and rural based industry moving along together and off course the support of Go e-commerce (MDEC) and PEDAS is crucial to this cause. 

Concurrently, Shoppymore’s USP also highlights, personalised service and communication, which together with transparency, are gold standards for success in the e-commerce arena. All these values collectively support Shoppymore’s vision to be an e-business pathway that serves humanity while bridging the gap between creation and consumption. 

In as such, the platform implements stringent guidelines and rules for vendors to ensure that they are above-board and offer authentic products. Proper documentation, video-conferencing interviews and industrial site visits are also part of Shoppymore’s verification processes, while vendors who are unethical and fraudulent will be terminated and blacklisted. 

In return, vendors can access the platform which is strategically well-positioned to increase traffic. This is particularly advantageous to youths, micro-entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially those which are in sub-urban areas, while enabling these businesses to venture into digitalised commerce. Sellers can also log into tutorials webinars, forums and training sessions covering a wide range of topics pertinent to online retailing and digital strategies.

Shoppymore currently hosts over 100 Sellers, including well-known brands such as Destina 1 International Sdn Bhd, Singer Malaysia, Viqmax, Adway Malaysia, Asia IT component. aLL- the plus size store, Faerahijab, Groway (Solaray), Harenet Marketing, HajiWan (Richness Foods Industry), Stretch Film, Three R Florist, BENS PHARMACARE GROUP, Vilvam Vision, Tree Leaf Trading and etc. It welcomes 500 – 1,000 visitors each day with transactions valued at an estimated RM50,000.

Shoppymore Group Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Sri Dr Barani Karuna Karan (centre) with his team

Meanwhile, Shoppymore buyers can shop in peace with the assurance that transactions are safe and secure, and they are purchasing good value and quality products from trusted sellers. They also have the option to choose their delivery service and enjoy a 14-day return policy for specific products. Those who have not yet had the Shoppymore experience should login and enjoy RM5 off for their first purchase and the RM10 worth of reward points that the platform is offering to its customers. 

Fast and responsive on both mobile devices and the computer, Shoppymore’s interface is a secure connection that is supported by AI. It is well-organised and easily navigated, incorporating Search Engine Optimisation features, making it attractive and user-friendly.  Shoppymore also has a multi-store synchronisation system which enables sellers to integrate existing stores on Shopee or Lazada within minutes in the set-up of their Shoppymore store.

Combining all these key elements – that look after the interests of both sellers and buyers simultaneously – distinguishes Shoppymore as an e-commerce platform that is committed to becoming the world’s top customer-centric and friendly company. 

“We have worked out a ‘win-win” situation benefiting sellers and buyers with a complete e-marketstreet ecosystem towards our goal of creating a made-in-Malaysia online shopping platform that is on par with world class players,” Dr Barani says. 

“Towards this end we firmly believe in working with and alongside multiple industry players, achieving goals and successes together.

“This is the Shoppymore way.”